What makes your inn unique? What makes your inn memorable? What makes your inn marketable? A strong USP. Your Unique Selling Proposition.

Any time I speak about the Norumbega Inn in Camden, inevitably the response is “OH, the castle, I know that one!”. 

Norumbega is an architectural wonder!

I personally know from my inn ownership, how important having a USP is. 

My inn, although 8 rooms, was very small. Small common space, postage stamp lot, very non-stately from the exterior. Don’t get me wrong, it was cute, but nothing was visually memorable. As a result, I had to create my USP because mine wasn’t inherent. So mine became about my food (and to some extent the water view and private decks on some rooms). I always felt I had to overcompensate for not having that stately, wow factor curb appeal.

So when I had the opportunity to list this magnificent ‘castle by the sea’ in Camden, I thought to myself ‘wow, talk about not having to create your USP when you have one built in you can just expand upon’…

The curbside recognition of such a unique property is something I wish I had, and that’s just on the exterior. 

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