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I'm a Maine Real Estate Broker, Hospitality Consultant, Hospitality Investor, Experienced Innkeeper and Cookbook Author. I've been an inn broker since 2008 with over $170 million in sales and am very well versed in the industry. Whether you're a buyer or seller, I'll help you understand the nuances of a hospitality transaction and guide you through the intricate steps. My strengths in marketing, financing, understanding of tourism, hospitality and my creative vision will help sellers go smoothly from on market to closing and to help buyers pursue and live their dreams, successfully.

The hospitality industry is my sole focus. I love Maine and love what I do!​

My relationship with my clients doesn’t have to end at the closing table. I am always accessible.


The sale is the goal for buyers and sellers, and a buyer’s success is paramount to me.

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​Our seminars and workshops are Maine-centric, for buyers looking to purchase in Maine. We’ll discuss Maine tourism and the state of the hospitality industry in Maine. It’s never too soon or too late to learn. Buyers and Brokers establish relationships, they don’t just take part in a quick transaction. Click here to learn more about our seminars.

Since 1986, our Company has been a leading brokerage in Maine’s strong hospitality market. Sellers trust Swan Agency Real Estate to promote their properties to a worldwide audience and know that we understand the nuances of the transaction, from start to finish. We have walked in a buyer and seller’s shoes.. Click here to learn more about our experienced team!

Thinking of buying? It is important to understand the financials and everything that ties to the financial side of the business. You want to be an educated buyer, and sellers need to understand what buyers go through when it comes to the financing. Click here to learn more about what you need to know. 


I build strong relationships with my clients and I want to see everyone I work with succeed. Click here to learn more about what my clients are saying about working with me.

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My 3rd cookbook published May 2021 titled​
“LOBSTER: 75 Recipes Celebrating The World’s Favorite Seafood” is
available on Amazon! Click here to learn more.

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Inn Brokerage Blog

Why don’t I see the Seller’s Mortgage on the Profit & Loss?

This is a very common question prospective buyers ask, hence the explanation here. The answer is simple. Are you (buyer) going to pay their mortgage? No! So you want to see the operating expenses. The gross income less operating expenses before any debt service (mortgage) or owner compensation equals NOI (net operating income). And from the NOI you pay YOUR debt service and YOUR owner compensation. Buyers often ask why they don’t see a seller salary on the P&Ls. Well, for the same

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Down Payment vs Earnest Money

What is the difference between the ‘down payment‘ and earnest money (sometimes referred to as EM or EMD – earnest money deposit) and when they are owed? Your EARNEST MONEY is a good faith deposit that is held in an escrow account to demonstrate to a seller your commitment to finalize the deal, and how much ‘skin in the game’ you have. This EM is due often within 3-5 days of signing the Purchase and Sale Agreement (P&S or PSA) or Asset Purchase

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