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Interactive Listing Maps…

I’ve just added interactive maps to each of my listings on my website…don’t know how I missed doing that long ago, but they’re in place now. It was a bit of an “Ah-HA” moment! It helps when a buyer interested in Maine doesn’t have to Mapquest the address and try and find it…I’ve tried to […]

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Another Incredible Maine Sunrise…

Typically I post information strictly relative to the lodging/recreational industry here in Maine. But this morning, I felt compelled to give you a visual on some of our Maine sunrises. The most beautiful, in my opinion, come mid-August through February – the air seems drier and we end up with some gorgeous colorful sunrises…just wanted

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Become an Educated Buyer – talk with a Broker!

Just the other day I received three new inquiries from three new prospective buyers. Were buyers suddenly falling from the sky? Are we simply becoming accustomed to our new economy, or to today’s economy? Buyers are again interested in making a lifestyle change. Real estate remains one of the better investments. And the lodging industry

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Good Morning from Maine on the start of Memorial Day weekend!

Heading out this morning to meet out of town buyers looking for an inn in Maine. Showing two coastal and two inland lakes and mountains region properties. There are buyers out there, but understandably, they’re being very conservative in today’s market. And they’re very aware of the income aspect of the various properties as it

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New site changes to!

I’m hoping that by setting up individual pages, I have streamlined where visitors can find information on my blog. I used to have listings all down the right hand bar of the blog, but along with all of the other information and links on my site. Now, the home page contains the blog posts; listing

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That’s the good part.  However, in the process of redirecting my blog to the new web address, I lost several hundred subscribers to my posts/feeds. And I suppose there’s no way of reaching any of those people other than hoping that they visit my blog on their own and read this post! Don’t do as is now! Read More »