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Simplifying Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans…is it possible?

How much time and patience do you have?   If you have both, you could save yourself some money.   If the business qualifies and the buyer meets the criteria, the buyer could put down as little as 10%. Commercial loans with banks are requiring minimum of 25% down. That’s a substantial savings. But the process […]

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New site changes to!

I’m hoping that by setting up individual pages, I have streamlined where visitors can find information on my blog. I used to have listings all down the right hand bar of the blog, but along with all of the other information and links on my site. Now, the home page contains the blog posts; listing

New site changes to! Read More » is now!

That’s the good part.  However, in the process of redirecting my blog to the new web address, I lost several hundred subscribers to my posts/feeds. And I suppose there’s no way of reaching any of those people other than hoping that they visit my blog on their own and read this post! Don’t do as is now! Read More »