Aspiring Innkeeper Workshop Schedule, Maine 2020

Introducing our 2020 Schedule for Maine Aspiring Innkeepers

Buying or selling an inn can be a relatively long process. We don’t just take part in a quick transaction, we establish relationships. The sale is not our goal. Your success is our goal. And our relationship doesn’t end at the closing table.

We are fully immersed in the hospitality industry and focus on selling Maine Inns, Bed & Breakfasts and commercial real estate with a hospitality component, including restaurants and event venues. We have been in your shoes, whether as buyer or seller.

We offer years of cultivated contacts and resources for every aspect of your business, from acquisition to operations to preparing your inn for sale and beyond. Maine hospitality lenders, attorneys, tax accountants, hospitality association leaders, reservation systems, vendors, you name it. We cover it. Take a look at our workshop agenda for details on what we’ll cover and at the workshop schedule for dates and details.

The Maine Inn Team looks forward to meeting you!