Price adjustment on this wonderful inn for sale in Freeport, Maine!

NEW opportunity with this substantial price adjustment! 

When a seller says they are motivated, there can be many things that affect their decision to change the price to be more favorable to attract a buyer. $100,000 certainly is favorable to a buyer! The sellers, Tori and Robin, have owned James Place Inn since 2006 and have enjoyed their times as stewards of this lovely inn. They raised a young daughter there for the majority of her life and are now wanting to enjoy her final high school years and prepare to launch her off to college.  As parents, the inn life and home life have been wonderful however, it is time to shift the balance more heavily to the home life and the opportunities that come along as children get older.

Many buyers aren’t aware that a listing agent isn’t permitted to disclose motivation for selling without permission. The same goes when we represent a buyer; we can’t disclose motivation for buying without permission. But there isn’t always a reason that would compromise either party’s leverage.

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