Love Where You Live! #lovewhereyoulive

You’ve probably seen the hashtag “#lovewhereyoulive” in our new sharing world via social media. Nothing is really more important than this when it comes to leaving a job, home, family, etc. to move to a new location to buy your dream B&B.

Having traveled to Maine for almost 10 years before moving to Maine in 2004 (to buy a B&B), I know Maine. For years my eyes were glued to the Maine Atlas Gazetteer (before smart phone maps) when my eyes weren’t looking for Moose or lobster shacks.

Maine is a very big state. I’ve traveled the entire coast and down the majority of the peninsulas. And for those who don’t know, the coast of Maine has more miles of coastline than California because of all of our peninsulas. And I’ve traveled it. I know the towns and villages along the way. I’ve been up to Houlton, Presque Isle, Caribou, and over to Jackman, down to the Rangeley area, over to Bethel, down to Fryeburg, Naples and the lakes region. All along the New Hampshire border down to Kittery in Southern Maine. And let’s not forget Moosehead Lake and Baxter State Park! Save for the very top of “The County” (Aroostook County), I have been there. I’ve stayed as a tourist, traveled as a resident, out exploring and enjoying what Maine has to offer. I know Maine. And I know the hospitality and tourism industry.

I know Maine!

So when it comes to helping buyers, I always advise them to ‘love where you live’. Don’t fall in love with a gorgeous building in a town that offers you nothing. There are gorgeous buildings all over. Explore towns and get a feel for what it is they have to offer both you and your guests. Remember, you’re not just buying a business, you are buying a home. You want to feel like it’s your home. And you want to feel at home in your town, in your community.

For the past 23 years, I have loved every minute of living in Maine, exploring its coastline, inland lakes and mountains and appreciating its beautiful nature. Maine is a welcoming state. Come check it out for yourself!

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