I am mobile, hear me roar!

Gone are the days of “I’ll take care of that when I get back to my office“. I can operate from any where, any time.

Technology has enabled us the freedom to work from home, on the boat or on a mountain somewhere. Some look at this as being tied to work 7 days a week; but as the eternal optimist I look at this as allowing me the freedom to work when I want. And if that means on Saturday and Sunday, so be it. But it also means that I can take off on a Wednesday afternoon to go hiking in Acadia. And while I’m on that hike in Acadia, if I get a call and need to forward documents on, I can do so. I carry electronic files with me on my flash drives, Google Docs and by cloud storage such as Dropbox and can even access all of my files via my online backup, Carbonite. I can send and receive faxes by e-fax. No signal? No problem, I have a Verizon Wireless Mi-Fi (an older stick version in the photo) which can power up to 5 devices for data/internet connection. In the car? I have an AC car outlet with 2 USB ports for power options. 

My clients know that I am available, accessible and at the ready, any time. For them, for new inquiries, for anything that comes my way. 

Are you working with someone like this?

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