Year Round Properties for sale for the Outdoor Winter Sports Enthusiast…

I’m headed up to the Moosehead area today to show a couple of my listings and thought about snowmobiling. So I might be a bit premature in talking about Winter sports but I will admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Winter.

I love skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, walking in the snow, you name it. For me, snow brings back childhood memories of building snow forts with my brother and dad while my mom was baking cookies and adding logs to the fire. We’d come in and eat chocolate chip cookies and drink hot chocolate with our red cheeks. I loved the days they’d cancel school, but not just to miss school, to play in the snow.

So here I am in Maine, playing in the snow whenever I can. My husband and I rent snowmobiles a few times a year and play in the snow. And if I can talk him into downhill skiing (which I would love to do daily) he comes with me. I can fully appreciate a property that offers direct access to these winter sports. I’ve got four listings in the Moosehead region and all have trail access (there are over 10,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Maine).

Myth: Maine is all clouds and grey skies in winter. Does this look dismal to you? For more pictures of winter in Maine, check out my Flickr album