A Staycation for Aspiring Maine Innkeepers…

An interesting concept – a Staycation

I read an article in Down East Magazine recently about a Staycation – but in that regard it was more about staying around your home base for vacations and how many Mainers are doing just that.

But I know of some innkeepers who are entertaining guests out of the area at their inn who are interested in getting into the innkeeping business. We refer to this as a Staycation as well – it’s a vacation; you’re staying at an inn and shadowing the innkeepers. The real deal on the ins and outs of innkeeping.

If you’re afraid to jump into the hospitality industry head first, maybe testing the waters with a Staycation is for you. Contact me if you’re thinking about doing this in Maine, I just might now some innkeepers willing to take part!

1 thought on “A Staycation for Aspiring Maine Innkeepers…”

  1. Good question – it really all depends on the inn, the time of year and the innkeeper. Staycations can help both parties – they can help the innkeeper and the aspiring innkeeper. But in the busy season, some innkeepers would not want to lose high season income; in the off season, there is more time for something like this. If you find an inn that intrigues you, particularly if they are on the market, ask them if they'd consider a shadow innkeeper for a week or less!

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