How does a seller deal with guests knowing their inn is on the market?

This is a beautiful example of how the owner of Stonington’s Inn on the Harbor does it: READ CHRISTINA’S STORY
I met with Christina (the owner) last week. She asked me a short while back about how best to answer guests when they confront you about knowing it’s for sale. And she asked my opinion on putting her story in the guestroom information books. I thought it was perfect, fun, light-hearted and most important, personal. Innkeeping is about sharing your personal life. And that just what Christina did. And since she’s done this, she’s had amazing support from her guests. 
When you embrace your next step in life and don’t hide the fact that it’s time for you to move on (and pass along your fabulous property to the next keeper of the inn), you help eliminate negativity that sometimes comes with putting your property up for sale. Of course everyone’s story is different and the motivation for selling varies greatly. But many of your guests will find out sooner or later. Your guests will appreciate that you care enough to share it with them. This also speaks to how Christina cares about the success of the inn and encourages guests to come back to meet the new owners one day. When you’re selling a successful business, it’s in the best interest of both the seller and buyer that the business succeeds. There’s usually transition assistance, sometimes employees who stay on board with new owners, and therefore assistance in helping new owners learn what’s worked in the past, to help sustain the level of service that the guests have come to know and enjoy.