Social Media and Innkeeping? Absolutely!

Facebook…Twitter…Youtube…Myspace…you’ve seen them or heard about them all. They were primarily used for personal networking, but not today. Professions of all sorts have jumped on the social media bandwagon, and it’s important that innkeepers jump on, too.

If you’re an innkeeper, you know how often guests want to hear your “story” of how you came to be an innkeeper. They all want to hear about your journey. They all suggest you should write a book, or a cookbook, don’t they? Well, having a presence on Twitter gives them just that. It’s your way of letting them know what you’re up to, what your baking, what’s on the menu for breakfast, what’s happening in your town, upcoming events, etc. And you might say that it takes too much time. But look at it this way: your website is somewhat “static” (stays the same) and having a blog is “dynamic” (ever changing). If you don’t have enough content to put into a blog, or won’t commit to the time it takes to keep it fresh, at least join Twitter and post short 140 character “Tweets” to give your visitors food for thought! How can you not have time to sit at the computer while drinking your morning coffee and tweet “making Maine blueberry muffins this morning – picked them yesterday at the pick-your-own local farm”? It’s a marketing no-brainer!

I’ve been on Twitter for just 2 months and am still learning. But there are so many Twitter tips out there to help. You just have to make the decision to commit to it to in order to benefit. Try this: Twitter for Dummies Then, download Tweetdeck, but I warn you, it can become addictive!

We’ll really get into internet marketing in our next Get Innspired Innkeeping Seminar. Stay tuned.

I am danamoos on Twitter. Your comments are encouraged!