Now here’s a Valentine’s Day dinner!

Lined up like little soldiers…Fresh grilled Maine lobster!
If you haven’t had grilled lobster, you need to try it. I can’t explain how it changes the texture of the meat, just that it does. We boiled them for about 5 minutes, then when cool enough to handle, slice them down the center on the underside and baste with melted butter. Then put them cut side down on a medium grill until lightly charred, all the while basting with butter. Total grill time is maybe 10-12 minutes, depending on how hot the grill is. The result is a softer, more tender texture and less water remains in the meat. They’re absolutely fantastic! We dipped in melted butter and enjoyed some crusty bread and Caesar salad and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. And at $7 per pound, they’re cheaper than steak, chicken and most other shellfish. But you have to come to Maine to get them!

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  1. Yum.Lobster is my fav food…although I’m not so sure I’ve ever had it grilled which I’ll have to try when I move back to New England!

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