CBS’s Survivor winner is from Portland, Maine!

I must begin this post by saying that I will not typically add comments that have no relevance to what I offer professionally. However, in this case, the winner of this season’s Survivor is from Portland, Maine. And I am a big fan of Survivor. But I am an even bigger fan of Portland, or anything Maine. Portland is one of those big-small cities that many PFA’s (PEOPLE FROM AWAY as locals call us) find as the perfect melange of cosmopolitan meets nature. If you’re anything like me, Whole Foods, DSW Shoe Warehouse and Fore Street Restaurant are anywhere from just a few miles to a few hours from countless remote areas where you can just sit and listen to the water splash on the rocks or stare at the mirror like waters of an inland lake. So many visitors leave from their vacations thinking “I had no idea Maine had so much to offer”. Why do you think locals call us PFA’s? We’re the lucky ones who have discovered Maine.

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  1. The photo near the bottom of Mt. Katahdin was taken from Lake Millinocket near Baxter State Park. There are times that the water is so still that you can’t differentiate the water from the sky. the majority of Maine’s lakes are like this with pristine, crystal clear water. Where you can swim and see your toes…

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