How Did Covid Affect Hospitality Brokerage and Tourism?

This image is just a partial compilation of our 2021 hospitality sales. Our team was on fire and so were buyers!

This is Maine, can you blame them for wanting to buy a hospitality business here? We can’t either!

Covid caused people from more populated areas to want to move to Maine, with more open space, more undisturbed land, more unspoiled nature, less congestion, great communities, outdoor activities, the arts, the microbreweries, the FOOD! I could go on….you know, MAINE, THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE.

Covid certainly caused a surge in tourism as pent up demand grew. But is this sustainable, many have asked? If advance reservations for 2022 we are seeing are any indication, 2022 should be another banner year. Perhaps tourism (at least in Maine) won’t grow at the same rate as 2021 over 2019, but it is looking like it could be sustainable. Some who are less optimistic felt that once international travel opens up, we might lose those who in 2021 traveled in our own country, or our own state. But then once that happens, those international travelers will then come back to travel here. And Canadian travel to Maine is big. So what we might lose to overseas travel, we will gain from overseas travel once again. And we had more Mainers travel in their own state this year. We won’t likely lose them, they’ve now discovered how easy it is to enjoy travel right here in their backyard!

On that note, here’s to sharing my eternal optimism with you all, and feeling the data appear to be on board with me!

Cheers to a prosperous 2022 and beyond!