New Online Property Offerings for My Listings

Timbercliffe Cottage

I’ve been working on updating my property offerings (essentially a brochure) when someone inquires about one of my listings. Instead of sending the 20 page Word format pdf, I’ve decided to create a virtual one for each listing instead. It can be one that can easily be sent to someone without having to attach a pdf and it is MUCH more visual and interesting to view.

Inn at Bath

Each offering provides property facts and information about the inn, area, location, etc. And these days, how many people print 20+ color pages, or prefer to kill a tree?! We always have pertinent details we can send in a pdf or copy and paste the details into the body of an email.

Limerock Inn

Blue Harbor House

Greenville Inn

I better get working on the rest. Enjoy!

Contact me for more information.