Going from 5 to 6 rooms at this inn in Southwest Harbor near Acadia National Park!

I visited Clark Point Inn the other day to take updated photos of the kitchen after it was painted and a new backsplash was added. Actually, the dining room was painted as well. Now there are lovely neutral colors that transition into the beautiful rich warm color of the foyer.

But as I’m taking pictures of the inn’s kitchen, something occurred to me. It’s a good size space, about 12×14, with separate entrances off the porch and the dining room. Clark Point Inn currently has 5 guest rooms, a comfortable owner’s suite with full kitchen, and the separate inn’s kitchen. It seems that there’s more interest in a 6 room (or more) inn than there is a 5 room inn, primarily for cash flow reasons. So the option to turn the inn’s kitchen into a 6th guest room seems like a smart idea. The inn’s kitchen is really quite nice, but if revenue is more important, you have the option. I’ve just sold two 6 room inns in Bar Harbor in the last two months. And with the sales and occupancy at this inn, there exists the real possibility of performing better financially than the two I have recently sold. I had a successful inn in Southwest Harbor with water views and know firsthand the business opportunity that exists. Besides, if you seek the business that Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park bring, but without the more crowded town, Southwest Harbor might be perfect for you.

Worth serious consideration? You bet!

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