Buyers, do you Google research the inns you’re looking at?

One of the best ways a buyer can learn about the property they’re looking at is to Google the name of the inn and even the name of the innkeeper(s). Once you’ve focused on a property or two, set up Google Alerts for the inn’s name and innkeeper(s) names.  Of course you should read reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. but you should really dig into what has been written about the inn, from media articles to forum posts (more about that in another post) to guest blogs and see what you can find. This might help you not only understand what kind of reputation the inn has, but also you might find comments which would help you understand any uphill battles you may be facing or to the contrary, just what size shoes you have to fill to maintain the level of business and keep the seller’s repeat guests coming back.

Not only does your new inn have a reputation but so do the former innkeepers. And keeping track of what’s being said will help you in the future!