My Art of Breakfast cookbook is available for pre-order on Amazon!

Some of you might have followed my cookbook writing journey over the past 5 months, but for those of you who have not, an editor from Down East Magazine came to a workshop called “the Art of Breakfast” I was holding for the Maine Innkeeping Academy last spring at the Danforth Inn. It was really about shortcuts and techniques to dress a plate, to beautify breakfast for your guests but without adding too many steps for the innkeeper. Included is a nice selection of afternoon baked goods that are often enjoyed at a classic B&B. These are recipes that I tweaked so that I pleased the majority of the guests the majority of the time (you can’t please everyone all of the time)…

After the class, the editor approached me about writing a cookbook based on my experience as a former innkeeper and as an advocate for Maine and the hospitality industry in Maine. I started writing by June 1st and submitted the manuscript on November 7th. The book is due out Spring, 2011.

Being a marketing “maven” so to speak, I have Google alerts set up for all kinds of things relevant to my brokerage niche, not to mention my name. So the other day, I get a Google alert for “Dana Moos Maine” and what do I find but a link to Amazon books for my not-yet-released cookbook! It’s available for pre-order! I just wanted to share this with you as some of you are aspiring innkeepers, clients and now friends of mine.

Feel free to help me spread the word! 🙂