Maine’s Lodging Brokerage was no flatliner for me in 2009…

I sent an email to my sellers last week with an attachment of my web stats showing the recent activity to each of their listings. As one seller put it, “if that was an EKG at least there’s a pulse!” Voila, this blog post was born. Thank you, C.S!

This has not been the easiest year to be in the real estate brokerage business. It hasn’t been the easiest year to be in any number of business, for that matter. But buyers are still realizing that although travel and tourism may slow down during harder economic times, it’s not likely it will completely fall apart. We work too hard to stop playing altogether. We may change the way we travel, but we won’t stop traveling. And there are accommodations of every type and for every budget. Buyers are still seeking a slower paced way of life; for those not yet ready to retire, the answer is often innkeeping. There are still plenty of people out there looking. My blog’s “EKG” is proof!

Sellers, hang in there. Buyers are out there, waiting for their time to get on board!