Hosting Weddings at Your Inn…

The Big Day. Intimate. Beautiful. Special.

Certain inns lend themselves beautifully to hosting this memorable event for both the wedding party and guests alike, large or small. For some aspiring innkeepers, this would not only be a way to provide the ultimate in personalized services, but a fantastic additional revenue stream. Each of the inns in the pictured here are currently on the market: Kismet Inn, Lindenwood Inn, Berry Manor Inn, Island View Inn and Craignair Inn. Three of the five have restaurant licenses, though Craignair is the only one currently operating a restaurant on site. Having a fantastic kitchen like these listings would certainly assist with the caterer’s job.

Kismet Inn and Spa $1,175,000

Craignair Inn $1,150,000 Lindenwood Inn $1,795,000

Berry Manor Inn $2,695,000 Island View Inn $1,200,000

Contact me for more details or to schedule a showing of one of these beautiful properties.