Another question I’m asked – “Do you miss innkeeping?”

The answer in general? Yes, a little!

Being an innkeeper for a creative, generous type like myself is immensely gratifying. Being able to provide for, and share with your guests is a great thing. On a daily basis you are helping to make your guests vacations as memorable and as relaxing as you can. The simple things you do for your guests seem huge to them. It’s a job that one can rarely find where each day is primarily filled with pleasantries. Of course there are issues with a clogged toilet, or a broken dishwasher, the need to run out and replace an A/C window unit, or the strawberries are moldy and the housekeeper doesn’t show up…but in reality, these are every day issues that are simple to resolve. Unlike so many corporate jobs, there are no unresolved issues on your desk at the end of the day. Each day from start to finish is a regime, and completed. And for the most part, pleasant. You have to learn to roll with the maintenance issues, plain and simple. And once you do, you’re able to enjoy what matters most – aiming to please your guests.

So, now that I’m out of innkeeping, what I realized that I would have missed most, is being creative and providing for people. But as a Lodging Broker, I find that I’m still able to do that. I provide creative marketing for my clients. I don’t just post the listing in the MLS. I photograph not just the property and what it has to offer, but the surrounding area. I photograph Maine. I blog about Maine. I love Maine and I try to show others why they would love Maine, too. And I realize I’m fulfiling my creative needs by just this!

So, the bottom line answer is that for me, since I’m still able to be creative doing what I’m doing, I don’t miss innkeeping as much as I thought. It might be a different story if my job didn’t involve so many things of beauty – Maine, photography and gorgeous inns and B&B’s all over the state. And when I have time, I cook and entertain for family and friends. I’m a happy camper!