So your guests have learned that your inn is on the market…now what?

A question I am so often asked is how to market a listing for sale, while still trying to market your inn to guests? The answer is not simple. However, when you decide to list your property for sale, you should accept the fact that you must now focus on marketing to your buyer than to your guest, yet still devote your efforts of running the business to your guests. And if you maintain that level of service to your guests, your business should not suffer while on the market. Selling an inn is not a negative thing, though it’s often perceived that way. It’s simply time to pass on the proud tradition to another, to allow a new innkeeper to experience both the gratification and hard work. Your efforts and reputation matter to you from the day you purchased the inn and extend beyond the settlement table, and your guests will understand.

Your focus—>your guests
Your Realtor’s focus—>marketing your inn

Don’t feel the need to hide the fact that your inn is on the market; some of your guests might possibly be your best suited purchasers! How many times have guests told you they would love to buy a B&B? Countless, probably. What you do not hide will not be perceived as negative. What you do hide, will.