Is the glass half full or half empty?

Winter in Maine…some say it’s gray, dreary, cold and long. I say it’s all how you look at things and it’s just beautiful. I am an eternal optimist. A blanket of fluffy snow on the ground and I’m ready to bundle up and head out with my camera. The silence of snow when you’re out on a trail can be exciting yet as calming. Snowshoes are inexpensive and don’t require skill. The tree limbs heavy with fresh snow look beautiful after a snowfall. Take the time to absorb how your surroundings appear during the various seasons. Undulating ice on a lake can be mesmerizing. And contrary to popular belief, blue skies are common in Maine after a snowfall. With every item of clothing available today containing fleece, it’s easy to stay warm. And when you get back, make a batch of homemade cookies and hot chocolate. Watch a movie, read a book, play cards, get together with friends and cook a pot of stew or chowder to enjoy with some crusty bread. As for those short days and early sunset? For every shorter day, isn’t there a longer evening? We don’t lose time, it’s all what we do with it.